Turquoise (Firoza)

Turquoise  Firoza

Like lapis, Turquoise is also valued for its ancient heritage and attractive color. It is believed that Turquoise protects a person from any big troubles or problems and cracks while protecting its owner. It generally has a matrix which gives it a very ancient green look. The most prized color of turquoise is even, intense medium blue, also called Persian Blue as it comes generally from Iran. Its color is uneven and it may darken and discolor over time. It is often cut as cabochons or beads. 



It is generally treated. Turquoise is generally impregnated using molten wax along with a dye to give it a better color. 



Turquoise is generally imitated by glass and plastic. Gilson company has also created an imitation of turquoise under their own name.