Cancellation before product has shipped:
If you cancel your order before your product has shipped, we will refund the entire amount.
10 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Returns of any item(s) purchased on the Site will be governed by the general JJ’s Returns & Cancellation Policy. :
No exchange or returns can be made online. If any customer wishes to return or refund his product, he/she will have to visit our offline stores for the same. 
Any item returned showing signs of wear or engraved, altered, re-sized (entity other than JJ) or damaged in any other manner shall not be accepted for return or exchanged for other jewellery products available on the Site for an equivalent value or higher only.
Purchase of items from ‘Make on order’ cannot be accepted for return, refund or exchange.
All shipping and handling expenses involved in the return of the item(s) shall be chargeable to you.
All items of jewellery are subject to availability. While JJ endeavours to provide the most accurate, up-to-date materials available, the information, materials, products, pricing, and services available on this site may include inaccuracies, typographical errors, or outdated information. Moreover, JJ may make modifications or changes to the site or the information, materials, products, and services described in this site at any time, for any reason. JJ  is not responsible for and need not honour typographical or pricing errors on the site; JJ  reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders at any time, including but not limited to orders that contain incorrect prices or product descriptions, orders in which JJ believes the customer has violated applicable law, and orders that JJ believes are harmful to it or its affiliates. You are encouraged to clarify any queries you might have in advance of placing your order. You may contact us via e-mail ( phone (+91 121 4028907) as provided in the contact information, provided hereinafter.
You assume the sole risk of making use or relying on the information, materials, products, and services available on this site. JJ makes no representations about the suitability, completeness, timeliness, reliability, legality in your jurisdiction, or accuracy of the information, materials, products, and services described or contained in this site for any purpose. Except as set forth in any warranty policy statement applicable to products sold on the Site, all information, materials, products, and services are provided ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ without warranty of any kind, including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement.
Unless otherwise specified, the materials on the Site are displayed solely for the purposes of promoting JJ’s  products and services available in India and for shipping within India.
Goods once sold are not subject to return. In exceptional circumstances, the return shall be subject to the conditions of return as expressly stated herein above. JJ shall be bound by the warranty on the items purchased. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and any terms specified on the product warranty, the terms and conditions on the product warranty shall govern the sale.
Dents, breakages, colour changes, or any other consequences of usage will not warrant a free exchange, repairs and/ or replacements.
JJ manufactures jewellery with care and caution. However, when jewellery is set with gemstones, some gemstones may come loose on rare occasions. If such stones that were supplied by JJ come off their setting, they will be replaced free of cost, if brought to us in original condition without damage and without any tampering, within 2months from invoice date.
JJ manufactures jewellery and silverware in various purity grades which are mentioned on the bill. The purity grade so mentioned will be the lowest purity grade used in the product and the product may actually use higher purity grades in part or whole.
We do not negotiate prices and all prices are final. In case of any confusions, the customer is free to contact JJ’s customer care and get information regarding prices and rates. Prices include cost of material, labour charges, manufacturing wastages, Gemstones, profits and margins, packaging, delivery, insurance and handling charges for deliveries within India.
You are requested to preserve the "Cash Bill" for all future transactions regarding the items contained therein. Under GST this is the "Tax Invoice". GST rate is 3% for any purchases delivered in UTTAR PRADESH, Central Sales Tax (CGST) of 1.5% is applicable and State Sales Tax (SGST) of 1.5% is applicable, Interstate Sales Tax (IGST) of 3% is applicable for purchases delivered in other states within India. The term Sales Tax is to be construed as "Goods and Service Tax". Rates of taxes and duties are subject to change and charged as on date of billing.
Billing amount will be round off to nearest 10.
JJ’s Buy back terms may vary from time to time. You are requested to check with our showroom staff at the time you wish to re-sell, exchange, upgrade or convert your piece into other jewellery.
The Diamonds sold under this guarantee have been sourced from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and are in compliance with United Nations resolutions.
The seller hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict-free, based on personal knowledge and written guarantees provided by the sources.
In case at the time of delivery if the product ordered by client got sold in our offline store then in this case we are unable to deliver the order. The amount client have paid for the order will be refunded.
Although JJ provides a safe shopping & working environment, the company will not be responsible for personal belongings left, or lost while in the premises. We recommend cover through your personal insurance.
Various portions of our premises may be under CCTV surveillance. Further, any and all images, photographs, videos taken of people & events, testimonials, feedback, etc., in the premises or at our carefully curated instore or online or at external events, may be used for marketing, promotional purposes at any time.
Measurements are in metric system. Other units of measurements where mentioned are for convenience of clients.
Disputes, if any, are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Meerut. 
This guarantee puts our seal on your trust & faith thus ensuring authentic quality. We guarantee that in all jewellery containing diamonds, the diamonds are natural diamonds of fine grades and fine proportions. They possess a rare intrinsic quality and are hand-picked individually from the best raw materials from the finest mines and sources. This assures you authenticity forever. 
All diamonds will conform to JJ’s internal quality standards for quality of raw material, quality of brilliance, fire, scintillation and over-all “Life” in addition to proportions. Proportions of all diamonds must conform to minimum standards at JJ.
Diamond grading reports are detailed documents created after careful examination of each diamond by quality diamond experts. The diamond report number and our identification marks are inscribed on all our diamonds. Hence, we require each diamond grading report to be returned with any diamond that was originally supplied. If the diamond grading report is missing or not returned with the returned product, a handling fee will be levied. The cost of such levy is as applicable at time of return.
JJ guarantees all diamonds to be natural and untreated in any manner. 
JJ guarantees the purity of the gold and silverware as stated in your bill.
Gold jewellery is manufactured in 22 kt and 18 kt purities. The same is indicated along with the product specifications.
Gem stones are natural and may be untreated or treated. It is widely accepted that gemstones other than diamonds may be treated in some manner. JJ ensures that such treatment is permanent or irreversible. When an exceptional gem stone is untreated especially with regard to rubies, emeralds, blue sapphire, an independent report/certification to its untreated nature will be issued separately. Untreated gems are rare and are sold independently.
Should your jewellery/Silverware need repairs we will make the appropriate repairs, subject to the “Terms and Conditions” stated on your bill.
Breakages, dents and colour changes or any other consequences of usage will not warrant free repairs or replacement.
The Site ordinarily does not offer buy back transactions. Buy back terms at JJ retail showrooms may vary from time to time. You are requested to check with our showroom staff at the time you wish to re-sell, exchange, upgrade or convert your pieces into other jewellery.
JJ does not allow buying many items for comparison with intent to keep the one you like best and return of the others. This leads to locking inventory and we are subject to increasing overheads. Hence we discourage this practice. If you wish to know more about the product please contact us through the contact information provided herein, prior to ordering online and our staff would be happy to help you to make your decision.
All items purchased from JJ are made pursuant to a shipment contract; the risk of loss and title for such items passed to you upon delivery of the items by the courier.