Lapis lazuli (Lajvart)

Lapis lazuli (Lajvart), learn about gemstones from the Best jewellers in meerut, knowledge is power

Lapis is valued for its rich blue color and its historical importance. It was treasured by many ancient civilizations. Earlier it was prized at the same level as sapphire or turquoise. The top-quality Lapis come from Badakhshan in Afghanistan. It is one of the oldest known stones on the planet. It is a mixture of certain minerals like lazurite, pyrite, and calcite. Lazurite causes the blue color in Lapis. The top-quality Lapis contains little or no pyrite (golden flakes) and no calcite. 




Lapis can be dyed or impregnated to provide a clean and most acceptable blue color. It is mined in several areas like Afghanistan, Chile, Russia, and so on. The Afghans have divided Lapis into 3 main categories based on quality:

  • Nili- best indigo color.
  • Asmani- light blue lapis.

Sabzi- greenish lapis (sometimes confused with turquoise)




Lapis are generally imitated by dyed feldspars, Gilson Imitation Lapis, dyed calcite, and dyed howlite.

It helps to bring inner peace, calmness, and wisdom to the mind of its wearer. Lapis boosts a person’s concentration skills. People generally prefer to wear a Lapis that is dark indigo blue with as less calcite (white patches) as possible.